MY STORY

Carter Wolfe is a very complex person; A Caffeine dependent life-form, Absolutely awkward, Self-taught artist, wannabe creative director, fun-loving, arrogant, semi-comical, narcissistic, creative, and intelligent to name a few adjectives that describe me.

I have been interested in music, graphic design, fashion & photography for most of my life. In the last five years, I have begun to take it more seriously. I love to embrace the nerdistry of photography. I only want to make the web a cooler place and contribute what I can 

Art becomes visual to me when I see certain people, ideas come into my mind that words can’t always describe, so I try to channel those thoughts into photo graphical art.

Artificial photo shoots and complex designed set-ups have never interested me, rather it is the uncertainty of street photography that continues to stimulate me. The idea that I can leave the house one day and come home with a photo that will be with me forever drives me...

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